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Our mission is to be the catalyst in helping you heal, grow, and create sustainable change in your life for a more hopeful-future.

You no longer have to face the pain, struggles, and challenges alone. We help you identify the problem, uproot your obstacles, and create an actionable plan to empower you to accomplish your purpose, and deepen your spiritual, physical, and emotional quality of life in just 7 steps.

Here at Revival Restoration, we believe that inner-healing begins with understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit connection through a Faith-based model. One of the ways we do this is by exploring the relationship between how our thoughts affect our emotional and physical feelings, which as a result affect our behaviors. Identifying how our thoughts shape our experiences, perceptions, beliefs, and value systems, is key to understanding the role that they play in our lives, and the power that we have to recognize, control, and change the way they affect us.

Our Approach: The 7 Steps to

Revival Restoration

Our Inner Longing

In order to bring revival and restoration in our lives on all fronts, we must first understand what we are, before we can understand who we are. We operate not as a body with a spirit, but a spirit in a body. And because our spirit is not of this world, we cannot expect to operate at our highest ability with worldly standards of identity, self-worth, purpose and fulfillment. The rest of the world spends the majority of their lives striving to fill their cups with material accomplishments and superficial status, only to wonder why they still feel half empty? Why their relationships only succeed half the time? Why they still carry pain and heartache? Why they feel worthy one day, and hard to love the next?

When we build ourselves up on a faulty foundation, our temple falls because of lack of knowledge of true identity. But by recognizing that we are first spirit, created by God and put into a body, we begin to learn how to operate as a perfect creation according to the will and design of our creator. Already loved, deemed worthy, given a purpose, calling, and supernatural strength to overcome any obstacle. By uncovering our identity, we can then unleash our self-belief, awaken our inner-healing, renew our hope, restore our faith, revive our purpose, and resurrect our lives.

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Meet Our Founder

Revival Restoration was founded in Portland, Oregon in spring of 2022 by Karolina Kovalev. Growing up and seeing a lot of unresolved hardships around others in her life, Karolina became inspired to help individuals in a way that might have seemed unconventional to some, but it brought about long-lasting change to many. This is what brought her to develop an alternative wellbeing care and support service that focused on the application of techniques and interventions for individuals, using philosophical, spiritual, and biblical-based principles.

Outside of Revival Restoration, Karolina has personally committed herself to the models of health and overall well-being such as: prayer, meditation, self-growth, healing, and intentional thought practices. These experiences have inspired her to share the life changing power of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection with others.

Karolina graduated with a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Portland State University, as well as a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University. She has helped people of all backgrounds achieve more positive and healthy change in areas such as: personal relationships, intrapersonal difficulties, unhealthy habits, communication, conflict resolution, day-to-day problems, and personal, social, health, work and/or spiritual development.


Karolina practices in the state of Oregon as a non-licensed counselor under the Oregon Regulatory Statute 675.825(4). She has chosen this style of practice because she believes it to be the best fit for the Faith-based work that she does—helping her clients understand the root of their issues through a Mind-Body-Spirit connection. The work of Revival Restoration incorporates both philosophical, spiritual, and biblical-based principles, rather than a traditional medical model. If you have a complex mental-health/medical need, please seek appropriate help from practitioners within the medical model.


Kurtis Johnston
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With the help of Karolina, she has given me the support and wisdom to truly be able to continue to refine and discipline myself in the never-ending battle against the enemy. She has truly given me the ability to continue with my spiritual growth through some of my toughest challenges as a man of God, a Husband to my wife, and a spiritual leader with the many I encounter every day. With the tools and understanding that has been blessed by God given to me through Karolina as a leader and as a fellow Christian, she has helped me keep light unto my path and I could never thank God enough for the blessing of our crossed paths that will lead to a forever sister in Christ and counselor to always help lead me back when I feel lost.
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Karolina has helped me more times over the years than I can count. Sometimes I partially joke with her, and say “I really wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.” Yet, she always humbly replies, “You wouldn’t be here without God.” I feel God works through her in the most miraculous ways—like she really is one of His best soldiers here on earth. Before working with Karolina, I had suffered from intense hopelessness, dark thoughts, irregular mood swings, and a lot of unresolved childhood issues. She helped me uncover the root of my problems, listened with so much care, validation, and empathy, and always led me back to a solution I can apply in my everyday life. One thing I really value about her is that she doesn’t just give you the answer on a silver platter; she gently guides you to answer it for yourself to build your self-awareness, and help you apply these methods in your life long-term. Overall, I can say that my quality of life has tremendously improved. I have grown to become more patient with myself and others, have better control over my emotions, improve my listening and communication skills, improve my relationships, and develop a closer relationship with God. I am so grateful for this woman! I hope that more people have the privilege of working with her and receiving the transformation in their life that they deserve. Thank you, Karolina!

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